About Us

The Alpine Speedway, launched in 2020, is an indoor slot car racing experience and hobby shop located in Helen, Georgia. About an hour northeast of Atlanta, the Alpine Speedway features the largest 1/32 slot car road course in the USA. Formally known as the Sling Shot Speedway at the Sugarloaf Mills Mall in Gwinnett, the new Alpine Speedway has been redesigned to accommodate a much larger space. There is no charge for entry and spectating is always free. We offer a complete line of cars and parts from top industry vendors. We also offer custom car building and modification, so you can be sure your slot car is in race ready condition.

We are working on upgrading our track software to a customized system with voice prompts and large HDTV screens for lap count and lap times. We are also looking at adding an additional 2 tracks and party rooms for birthday parties, organization gatherings, and corporate events. 

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. We look forward to having you at the track soon!

What is a slot car? 

Slot cars have been around since the early 1900's, but they really took off in the 1950's, with many of our current brands getting their start in the industry. But just what are slot cars?

According to Wikipedia, a slot car or slotcar is a powered miniature auto or other vehicle that is guided by a groove or slot in the track on which it runs.A pin or blade extends from the bottom of the car into the slot. Though some slot cars are used to model highway traffic on scenic layouts, the great majority are used in the competitive hobby of slot car racing or slot racing.

Slot cars are usually models of actual automobiles, though some have bodies purpose-designed for miniature racing. Most enthusiasts use commercially available slot cars (often modified for better performance), others motorize static models, and some "scratch-build", creating their own mechanisms and bodies from basic parts and materials.

Drivers generally use a hand-held controller to regulate a low-voltage electric motor hidden within the car. Traditionally, each car runs on a separate lane with its own guide-slot (though recently developed digital technology can allow cars to share and change lanes). The challenge in racing slot cars comes in taking curves and other obstacles as fast as possible without causing the car to lose its grip and spin sideways, or to 'deslot', leaving the track altogether.

Reference (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Slot_car)

About the Owners - A Family Tradition of Service

The Alpine Speedway is currently owned by local residents, Chad and Tyanna Jackson. Chad and Tyanna are also the owners of the Heidi Motel & Windmill Suites, Charlemagne's Kingdom Model Railroad Exhibit, Dukes Creek Mines & General Store, The Outpost Gold & Gem Panning and Jewelry Store, and the Southwestern Outpost. All are located in scenic Alpine Helen, Georgia and nearby Suatee Nacoochee, Georgia.

Their passion is offering a diverse mix of lodging and family entertainment centers that offer people of all ages the ability to just sit back, relax, and enjoy something new and exciting, whether it be panning for gold and gems, racing a slot car around the speedway, or just admiring the expansive train display at Charlemagne's Kingdom. Everyone deserves to have a little fun now and then, from the youngest toddlers to the old at heart.

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