30-Pack Racing Pass

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Please read before ordering:

We offer 30-Pack Race Passes that can allow your group to get in on the action at 25% off retail rates. You also get a free t-shirt with every 30-Pack Race Pass purchase (subject to availability at the time of redemption). Can be used during regular business hours. 

30-Pack Race Pass price is dependent on which class of cars you want to race. You can race any class below what you pay for as well, but not above unless you buy additional race passes at full retail price. We reserve the right to adjust the race class for guests that are unable to maintain the cars and obey track rules.

Rookie, Amateur, and Semi-Pro can only race on our Slingshot Speedway. Pro, Champion, and Elite are for our Alpine Speedway. Please review our race pass pricing charge to see how the car classes and tracks compare.

Non-refundable, but the 30-Pack Racing Passes do not expire. Does not include private track rentals, please see our other packages for private rental rates.