Scalextric Chevrolet Corvette C8.R #4 DPR W/ Lights 1/32 Scale Slot Car C4240

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Scalextric C4240 Chevrolet Corvette C8R - 24hrs Daytona 2020 - Fassler Gavin & Milner DPR, 132 Scale w/Lights

Special Features:
This is an analog car and will run on Carrera's Evolution track
DPR (Digital Plug Ready) - takes the standard C8515 chip so you can use the Carson Chip to convert to run on Carrera D132
Easy Change Pick-Ups
High Detail
Working Rear Lights

Xenon Effect Headlights

Driven by Marcel Fassler, Oliver Gavin and Tommy Milner the number 4 silver Corvette C8.R made a difficult start to the new mid-engine Corvettes racing career. The car struggled with an oil leak in the early hours, but while reliability was always going to be an issue for a brand-new car the sleek new Corvette showed that the all-important pace was there! Looking sleek, purposeful, fast, and striking the new Corvette C8.R race car is a perfect addition to your Scalextric GT grid!